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Fiona Guy @ Broomhill

Works illustrated here have been chosen by the artist. The works shown on this page are not necessarily on display at Broomhill.

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Fiona Guy - Breath of Fresh Air

Fiona Guy

Fiona studied Painting and Printmaking and gained both a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art from Portsmouth University and a Masters Degree in Fine Art from Birmingham University in 1990.

Fiona Guy's paintings of trees guide us on a journey between chance and control, process and image. Whether using dramatic contrast or soft, muted tones, her palette acts as a backdrop, presenting each tree as if a portrait. Their visual spontaneity belies the complex and systematic process which brings them into existence. The paintings physical and seductive surface bridges the gap between image and encounter. We are led into worlds of stillness and space.

Her love of nature stems from memories of dog walking in the forest as a child with her father, who taught her about trees and how to recognise species from leaf and tree shape and bark texture. She recalls closing her eyes and touching the bark and trying to name the tree from the feel of the trunk. Her father died a few years after starting passing on this knowledge, leaving Fiona with an unfinished journey. As memories fade, so does representational accuracy; but this is replaced by the desire to evoke the memory of tranquillity, security and mutual love for the trees which was embedded in her by the time spent in the forest with her father. Drawing on the tradition of memento mori painting, she views the tree as a symbol of longevity, a counterpoint to the transience of human life.

Fiona also works in watercolour and print. This series of silk screen prints exclusive for Broomhill are limited editions of up to a maximum of 7 original prints (the screen destroyed after production). Fiona combines different silk screen techniques to create these layered images.

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