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Children at Broomhill

Always welcome

Children are always welcome at Broomhill - whether as day visitors or as hotel guests.

Visitors’ Gallery

Children can also send us their creative efforts to display in the Visitors’ Gallery on this web site.

Please Exercise Care

We know you always take good care of your children and there are some things you need to bear in mind:

Sculptures and other art works in the Garden and in and around the Hotel are works of art and are not designed to withstand climbing, hanging or pushing. While we would not be concerned about feeling textures of sculptures, for example, we must ask that children are reminded that sculptures are to be appreciated by looking rather than direct contact.

Please remind your children that care must be taken around the gardens and in the Hotel. Sculptures are not necessarily fixed to their plinths or shelves and running or other boisterousness really must not occur.

There is a small lake and river in the Gardens as well as a swimming pool, there are some narrow paths and some steep slopes. As with any steps they can be slippery in wet or damp weather. Please be vigilant at all times and ensure you both know where your children are and what they are doing.

All damages or breakages are your responsibility and will be charged to you. You are advised to check your household and travel insurance policies to see that you are covered against this sort of accident.

School parties should be aware that it is a condition of their visit that they are fully insured. Proof of this may be required before a booking is confirmed.

Terms and Conditions

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