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Copyright Information for Broomhill

Somebody owns the rights

The entire contents and design of this web site are somebody’s copyright. Illustrations of artists’ work are used by the kind permission of each artist or of their appointed representative. No images may be downloaded, copied or otherwise used without the express and specific permission of the owner of the copyright. This is with the exception that a page may be printed out for personal and private use and not for any commercial gain.

Pages, such as those providing a profile of individual artists and the associated images, may be printed and copied for use in a bona fide educational context only. Such copies must include a reference to Broomhill and to the fact that the page contents are subject to copyright restrictions.

The design of the web site and the content written by Broomhill is the shared copyright of Broomhill and annerykiln.co.uk Web Design.

Use of images or text for illustrative, publicity or other purposes may be permitted but only with the express, prior permission of Broomhill or of annery-kiln.eu. Such permission will not be unreasonably withheld provided that such conditions as may be imposed are adhered to.

It is important to use that these conditions are heeded. Art works and images are provided in good faith to Broomhill by the artists. Inappropriate use of them could jeopardise the relationship Broomhill cultivates with artists.

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