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Experiencing Art at Broomhill

The passions and the emotions of art

Experiencing and appreciating the wealth of talent, the passions and the emotions of art are central to the Broomhill experience. We want to help you make more of your visit.

A day spent at Broomhill as well as being relaxing, will provide many talking points and inspirations for artists and 'non-artists' alike. We welcome individual visitors, adults, families with children of any age, study groups, art societies and school groups of any age.

Artists’ background and biographies

On this web site we aim to provide some background to each artist with whom we are associated. We have a section about each artist with details and commentary provided by the artist themselves and often with pictures of other works they have made in other media that you might not see at Broomhill. Wherever we can, we have provided tips and ideas for teachers and group tutors: ideas for ways in which follow up work or work inspired by the artist's methods and media may be carried out.

Group trips to Broomhill

If you want to organise a trip to Broomhill for a group, please email us to discuss it further.

Broomhill welcomes a variety of groups throughout the year, playing host to school trips, garden clubs, and art groups who all have a wonderful time exploring the beautiful gardens, viewing the array of artwork in the gallery and refueling at the award-winning Broomhill restaurant.

Your ideas and inspirations

Whether you are an adult, a child, an individual visitor or a member of a group that has visited Broomhill - we would love to have any creative responses to your visit and display them on the web site. We will soon be creating a special section called the Visitor's Gallery.

Contributions may be drawing, painting, photograph, sculpture, prose, poetry - whatever. All you have to do is send us a copy and we will add it to our Visitor's Gallery. You will understand that we must reserve the right to decide whether or not a piece is displayed on the web site but we would only reject items of an inappropriate nature.

Before sending anything, please email our webmaster to talk about the best format in which to send it.

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