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NSP 2017 Finalist • Katie Hayward

Kent-based Artist Katie Hayward explores issues of scale, unpredictability and the fragility of desires in her work. Using primarily drawing, collage, ceramics and inflatables she examines human nature, the human body, altered scale and illusion.

Katie graduated from Newcastle University in 2013 and has since gone on to take part in various residency programs, several research projects and has exhibited in multiple exhibitions across the UK. Most recently she was selected for the inaugural exhibition at The Koppel Project, created work for the National Sculpture Symposium in Riverhill Himalayan Gardens and was selected for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014.

Artist's Statement

From causing great joy to great fear, inflatables have been seen throughout history to cause dramatic reflective reactions and seek human interaction. Whether displayed in parades, amidst protests or used to tower above viewers, they allow for fantasy and reality to be explored. Abnormally lightweight for their size and being able to superficially reach beyond limits the inflatable not only plays with exaggeration through scale and soft material but creates an illusion of momentary largeness.

Welcome. Welcome. Two wind-powered pink gloves, made with ripstop nylon, which like a windsock, will allow the wind to take complete unpredictable control. Our arms activate when we react to different situations, these open gloves will choose whether to react with welcoming open arms or become dismissive. This piece will not only respond to landscape with its cutting colour and scale but also become a wind-powered protest seeking interaction.

Instagram and Twitter: @haykatieh

Facebook: @katiehaywardart

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