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Lauren Goldie wins the Judges' Prize'

Lauren Goldie

Lauren Goldie (b. 1993) is a British installation Artist based in Cambridge. In 2015, she completed a BA in Fine Art and was chosen as a FloatArt finalist. Rated within the Top 50 Art Graduates by People of Print, Lauren's work also featured at the opening event of the new Tate Modern. She recently completed a six month curatorial and artistic project at the CASS Faculty of Art, showcasing two, large-scale installations within the ten-meter window space directly opposite the Whitechapel Gallery. Work was also donated to raise funds and awareness of Parkinsonís UK for the Re:Imagined exhibition at GX Gallery. Lauren continues to support Parkinson's UK in an upcoming exhibition at Store Street Gallery, London.

Artist's Statement

My work focuses on the narrative of negative space and the complex impact of a missing object on a remaining structure. Previously, artworks were made from fragile glass and microcrystalline wax for unique filtration of projected light. Object and projection are temporal, each dramatically altered by their environment and rate of deterioration.

Shapes and bodies were digitally extracted from enlarged sections of photographs taken during projected installations. The structural proposal for Broomhill expanded on this body of work. 'Light Obscurity' is a two-metre structure constructed from a hand-sculpted polyurethane base and coated in a white, hardened resin. The gentle curvature and simple passages of the design offers an opportunity to juxtapose a digitally informed shape with natural surroundings. The partially autobiographical piece was intended to depict a momentary state of physical presence within a projected environment.

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