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NSP 2017 Finalist • Sandra James

The biomorphic shapes within the proposed piece 'The Passing of Time' are faintly recognisable fluid, maternal almost embryonic forms.

The surface and texture of the sculpture mirror how we act as individuals and interact with the world around us. Superficially everything on the surface is fine beautifully calm and assured, but underneath the smooth veneer there maybe uncertainty, turmoil and fragility.

White Portland Stone concrete will contrast beautifully with the landscape, with the backdrop of foliage allowing the piece to have a conversation with its surroundings as the light changes throughout the day.

Artist's Statement

Sandra James is a multi-disciplinary artist working between print, painting and sculpture. She graduated from the University of The West of England with a first class honours degree in Drawing and Applied Arts in 2015.

Sandra was selected to take part in The Drawing Laboratory, a residency in Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland and was also awarded a Creative Pathways Bursary from Somerset Art Works and Cavaliero Finn as an emerging artist.

Sandra's abstract forms are influenced by human interaction, how we respond to each other and the world around us. Using the everyday materials of plaster, sand and enamel paint as a visual metaphor she has developed a language with which to explore the concept. Her work is not about direct representation; aware of human emotions and interactions she translates these rhythms into abstract shapes and forms, creating a dialogue between harmony and tension evoking a visceral response to the vulnerability of relationships.

Artist's Blog


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