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About Our Food

The award-winning Terra Madre restaurant at Broomhill

Slow food

“Slow Food was founded in 1989 to counteract fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how our food choices affect the rest of the world.” taken from www.slowfood.com

Some of our suppliers

The restaurant is dedicated to using Fairtrade products.

Our ingredients

Home-made bread and pastries

After indulging ourselves for years with the best bread from Boulangerie Poilane in Paris, we decided to buy our own wood-oven and start making our own organic sour dough breads. The beautiful smell of fresh, traditionally made bread in the house makes it worth all the hard work, it’s the best feeling! With a wealth of experience in baking, all of our deserts are home-made with the best ingredients we can find, inc. tarts, cakes, scones and biscuits. All ingredients in our breads are organic, we use flour, spelt and rye from Doves Farm, a Spanish olive oil, sunflour seeds, sesame seeds and Cornish sea salt in our big loaves.

If you are looking for a true taste of Devon then we recommend that your try a delicious Broomhill cream tea. Our ‘melt in the mouth’ home-made scones and jam with fair-trade tea and clotted cream from the farm next door is truly scrumptious!

Meat and Fish

Wood fired oven

Our delicious lamb and organic Red Ruby Pedigree Beef comes from Twitchen Farm, near Ilfracombe. Our free range duck and chicken is from Creedy Carver in Crediton and our organic free range Pork is from Little Comfort Farm near Braunton. We make air-dried, cured salamis, chorizo, bacon and sausages with the Pork. A new batch of cured sausages is made up every 4 weeks, with organic curing salt and herbs from our garden, we’re always curious about the end result as we experiment with flavours, but are never disappointed! Our bacon is cured for four days, treated with honey-mustard and slow cooked for six hours, thin sliced and grilled before serving, yum! Plus we couldn’t resist importing some 24-month cured, mouth-watering Serrano Ham for you to enjoy.

Plaistow Mills in Barnstaple supply us with trout and Walrus Fisheries supply us with our summertime favourite, fresh crab from Lundy Island, just off the North Devon coast. Sea salt from Porthkerris - we use pure Cornish sea salt crystals, harvested from the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean. With over 60 natural trace elements it has a better taste than table salt. Piquillo Peppers - we love the taste of these colourful Spanish pepper tails, the smoke - the roasted taste is delicious with duck or as a tapas with tortilla and Manchego cheese.



Devon is well-known for its dairy farming and we take full advantage of our regions dairy produce. We have cream and butter from Church Farm near Barnstaple, organic Milk from West Hill Farm near Ilfracombe, and ewe’s milk and cheese from Middle Campscott Farm near Lee. With our continental background and love for Mediterranean food, we have also introduced a couple of Spanish cheeses. We couldn’t resist an artisan-made, 12 month Manchego sheep cheese and the Valdeon which is wrapped in maple leaves. We make our own soft cheese with organic milk from West Hill Farm, this tastes fantastic with cold Plaistow Mill smoked trout from the Broomhill river or beetroot carpaccio.

Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and Vegetables

We have a greenhouse and vegetable garden filled with herbs, salad leaves and all the vegetables that we can grow in season. It’s great to pick fresh leaves in the morning to add to our scrumptious salads! We pick up other fresh vegetables and fruit each week from the award-winning Pannier Market in Barnstaple. Neighbouring farms supply us with other vegetables such as potatoes and swedes.


Broomhill offers a range of soft drinks, beers, teas and coffees, most of which are fair-trade and organic, including delicious options from the Devon made Luscombe range.

Organic Wines


A full organic wine list is available.

‘I can tell you only that the most succulent and most complex wine grapes I’ve ever tasted came from a biodynamic vineyard’ - Malcom Gluck, The Guardian.

“Organic wines are not necessarily better than non-organic wines - too much relies on the skill of the wine-maker; so they are not readily identifiable by their taste either. Yet there is a fairly widely held view that because the grapes are grown ‘more naturally’ and because there is less intervention in the winery, they best reflect the true character of the grape variety and the ‘terroir’.

‘Organically grown grapes often have that extra dash of fruit flavour and finesse compared to grapes that have had the full agro-chemical force upon them.’ - Jane MacQuitty, The Times.

‘Do they taste better? Not always, but i’ve came across few shockers boasting an organic badge. Wines made as naturally as possible tend to shine brighter and show more individuality than their adulterated cousins.’ - Jilly Goolden.

Quotes taken from ‘Vinceremos’ 2008.

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